A start-up is trying to revive train travel in America

The railways played a vital role in the development of modern America. The first coastline, completed in 1869, allowed the colonization of the West. But after the Second World War, people abandoned trains for cars. After the bankruptcy of several railways, the convention nationalized the remains as an Amtrak in 1971 to prevent passenger traffic from ending completely. But Amtrak did not relaunch the fate of the Web.

Brightline, a startup from Florida, thinks it’s possible. Rather than being greeted by gray concrete and a touch of urine, as in many Amtrak stations, Brightline’s Miami terminus resembles the lobby of a posh hotel. Earlier this year, the company inaugurated its first $ 3 billion line between Miami and West Palm Beach, Florida, the first new privately funded passenger line in more than a century. On September 18, he announced expansion plans, starting with a new line between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

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