Great discovery of gas off Scotland

The French energy giant Total has announced the discovery of a major discovery of gas off the Scottish coast.

The discovery made on the Glendronach prospect west of the Shetland, in a formation below the Edradour gas storage facility, could potentially provide one trillion cubic feet of recoverable resources, the company said.

Total owns 60% of Glendronach’s share capital, while Ineos and SSE each hold 20% of the project.

The company said the discovery could be quickly developed due to the existing infrastructure surrounding the Edradour field and nearby Lagor Tormore facilities of the Shetland gas facility.

Arnaud Breuillac, President of Total’s Exploration and Production Division, said: “Glendronach is an important discovery for Total that will give us access to additional gas resources in one of our core areas and confirm our exploration strategy.

“The discovery is located in a growing area in the fertile western Shetland region and can be marketed quickly and cheaply using existing Laggan-Tormore infrastructure.”

In total, a well drilled a borehole of 4312 meters during exploration, preliminary tests confirming “good reservoir quality, permeability and good viability of the well.”

The Group’s production in the United Kingdom comes mainly from offshore fields located in three main areas: Alwyn / Dunbar, in the northern North Sea, Elgin / Franklin, in the central North Sea and Laggan-Tormore, west of the Shetland region.

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